Structure of the University

The Council

The University’s governing body is the Council, a mixture of elected staff, students and graduates, and outside appointees. The Vice-Chancellor, the University’s chief academic and administrative officer, is also a member. Council is chaired by the Chancellor who is a lay member of the Council.

The Senate

On academic matters, Council is bound to consult the Senate which the Vice-Chancellor chairs. This body includes all the professors, some non-professorial staff and student representatives. The Senate takes advice from the Education and Research Committees, and from specialist committees, dealing for example with the Library and the Faculties.

The Faculties

Each faculty is a sub-committee of Senate and is headed by a Dean who is usually supported by Associate Deans, a Director of Faculty Operations and other administrative staff. The Dean is responsible for coordinating the academic and research activities of individual departments and liaises with both the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate committees on academic programmes, staff appointments, buildings, research funding, library facilities, timetabling etc. The faculty student centres provide assistance to students with programmes and courses. Information is available on faculty websites; handbooks are available from both faculty and departmental offices.

Large-scale Research Institutes

Each large-scale research institute (LSRI) is headed by a Director, supported by a Deputy Director and administrative staff. The Director is responsible for coordinating the research activities of LSRI staff, including postgraduate research supervision, and liaises with both the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate committees on regulations, staff appointments, buildings, research funding, library facilities etc. Information is available on LSRI websites.

Central Administration and Services

Day-to-day central administration and service provision is performed by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and Academic Services, Alumni Relations and Development, Campus Life, Communications and Marketing, Equity Office, Finance, Human Resources, International Office, IT Services, Libraries and Learning Services (including the University Library), Office of Research Strategy and Integrity, Organisational Performance and Improvement, Property Services and the School of Graduate Studies.