Academic and general statutes and regulations

The University of Auckland academic statutes and regulations govern admission, enrolment and progress, academic credit, programmes and named doctorates, limitations on entry to courses, fees and examinations.

  • Credit Regulations

    Regulations for the granting of credit towards a programme of study.

  • General Postgraduate Regulations

    Regulations applying to postgraduate programmes including Masters degrees, Bachelors Honours Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas.

  • General Statutes and Regulations

    Includes Conferment of Academic Qualifications and Academic Dress Statute 1992, Availability of Academic Dress, the Degrees and Diplomas Statute 1991, the Honorary Degrees and Diplomas Statute 2019, and Guidelines for the award of Honorary Degrees and Fellowships.

  • Examination Regulations

    The regulations for examination and assessment which apply to all students enrolled at the University of Auckland.

  • Enrolment Limitations

    Programmes or courses which limit the number of enrolments due to an insufficiency of accommodation or of staff.