Enrolment Limitations

The Limitation of Entry Statute 1991

Pursuant to Section 255 of the Education and Training Act 2020 the Council of the University of Auckland hereby makes the following Statute:

1 a This statute may be cited as The Limitation of Entry Statute 1991.

b This Statute came into force on 1 January 1991.

2 Where the Council is satisfied that it is necessary to do so because:

a students cannot be allocated places in appropriate lecture rooms or laboratories at times when they can reasonably be expected to attend


b the number of teaching staff does not ensure all students expected to seek a place in a particular programme or course can be adequately taught;

there shall be deemed to be an insufficiency of accommodation or of staff.

3 The maximum number of students that may be enrolled for any such programme or course shall be determined by the Council from time to time after considering any recommendations from Senate and be published in a schedule to this Statute.

4 In determining such maximum number of students the Council may, after securing a recommendation from Senate:

a prescribe academic standards to be achieved as a prerequisite for enrolment for any such programme or course


b prescribe other criteria for selection of students to be permitted enrolment for any such programme or course.

5 The Limitation of Entry Statute 1985 is hereby repealed.

Limitations Schedule 2023

This Schedule is made under the provisions of Regulation 3 of the Limitation of Entry Statute 1991.

Limited-entry Programmes and Courses

Because of insufficient accommodation and restrictions on staffing there will be a limitation on the number of students who can be enrolled in 2023 in the programmes and courses listed below.

Approved Limitations

1 Students must apply for a place in any limited entry programme. Unless otherwise specified in Closing Dates for Admission, the closing date for Application for Admission is 8 December 2022 and for Enrolment is 22 February 2023. The closing date for Admission to Summer School is 1 December 2022 and for Enrolment is 31 December 2022.

2 Application for places in any limited-entry programmes and/or courses will be made online, or in person.

3 Applications received after the specified closing dates will be given reduced priority in consideration for a place in a limited-entry programme and/or course.

4 Where the number of applicants for a place in a limited-entry programme or course exceeds the approved number of available places, the faculty or department concerned will select students in accordance with criteria that have been approved by the University Council.

5 Where a course is taught in both semesters, the Selection Committee will allocate students to the First or Second Semester where numbers of applications for one semester exceed places available.

6 Selection criteria will be available from the faculty or department concerned for the information of students. In general, selection will be based upon academic merit. In those cases where the scholastic record is insufficient, eg, Discretionary Entrance and Special Admission, other criteria such as the recommendation of the School Principal or Adviser, or employment history, will be taken into account. Account will also be taken of the University’s Equal Educational Opportunity objectives. Limitations on programmes and courses are listed below.