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The University of Auckland 2024 Calendar

The University of Auckland Calendar is our official publication including academic statutes and regulations governing admission, enrolment, fees and examinations. The Calendar sets out requirements for degrees, diplomas and certificates and lists the approved courses offered by the University. It also provides key information about the University and its staff.

The University reserves the right to change its regulations, courses and any other content of the Calendar, or to withdraw any course of study, or impose limitations on enrolment should circumstances require this. Any alterations and amendments to the Calendar will be reflected in this online version and will be noted on the Calendar updates page.

  • Key University dates

    Application and enrolment deadlines and other important dates and deadlines for the University of Auckland.

  • General information

    Information about the University including a glossary of terms and our history, structure and campuses.

  • Programme regulations

    Details of all programmes of study offered by the University of Auckland, including interfaculty degrees and diplomas and conjoint degrees.

  • Courses

    Details of approved University of Auckland courses.

  • Micro-credentials

    A micro-credential certifies the achievement of a specific set of skills and knowledge. Micro-credentials can be stand-alone units and can also potentially be used as credit towards a formal qualification.

  • University personnel

    Members of Senate, Council, officers, deans and staff of the University as well as honorary graduates, professores emeriti and alumni.