Arms of the University of Auckland

Heraldic description


Azure between three Mullets Argent an open Book proper edged and bound Or with seven clasps on either side Gold on a Chief wavy also Argent three Kiwis proper. On a scroll set below the Arms appear the words ‘Ingenio et Labore’.


The open book together with the motto ‘Ingenio et Labore’, freely translated as ‘by natural ability and hard work’, indicate in a general way the aim of the institution, and combined with the three stars, express the idea of learning pursued under the sky of the Southern Hemisphere. The kiwis are indicative of New Zealand, as the bird is absolutely confined to its islands, and the silver wavy chief upon which they are set directs attention to the fact that Auckland is on the sea coast.

The shield, minus the ribbon containing the Latin motto (called the Crest), is used in combination with wordmark and graphic to form the University logo. Guidelines for the logo are prescribed in the University’s Style Guide.