2020 Programme Start Dates

A programme will normally start on the first day of the semester, term or quarter for which a student has been admitted, as listed in the 2020 Semester and Quarter Dates. Exceptions to this, known at time of going to print, are given below.

Non-standard programme start dates

Programme Start Date
Semester One

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Part II

24 February 2020

Certificate in Health Sciences

24 February 2020

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

20 January 2020

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary)

20 January 2020

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

21 January 2020

Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice

18 February 2020

Master of Teaching (Primary)

28 January 2020

Postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology

12 February 2020

Late Year Term

Master of Information Technology (240 points)

16 November 2020

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology

16 November 2020

Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology