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Guidelines for the Award of Honorary Degrees and Fellowships

1 A nomination for an honorary degree or for the award of a fellowship shall be made confidentially in writing to the Vice-Chancellor and signed by three persons each of whom shall be a member of the Council or of Senate or of both these bodies.

2 Each nomination shall be accompanied by a statement outlining in sufficient detail the career, standing and qualifications of the nominee and the grounds under Clauses 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 for conferring the degree or awarding the fellowship.

3 After consideration, the Vice-Chancellor shall refer each nomination that meets the requirements specified in the Honorary Degrees and Awards Statute together with its accompanying statement to the University Honours Committee of Council.

4 If Council approves a recommendation from the University Honours Committee that an honorary degree be conferred or a fellowship be awarded, the Vice-Chancellor shall invite the nominee to accept the award.

5 The conferring of honorary doctorate degrees shall not be confined to a graduation ceremony but shall be arranged at the discretion of the Council.

6 The award of a fellowship shall be arranged at the discretion of the Council.