Regulations - Science

Graduate Diploma in Science – GradDipSci

The regulations for this graduate diploma are to be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.


1 In order to be admitted to this graduate diploma, a student must have:

a either

(i) completed the requirements for any degree from this University, or the equivalent as approved by Senate or its representative


(ii) demonstrated practical, professional, or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind that is approved by Senate or its representative as equivalent to that specified in 1a(i) above


b attained a level of preparation appropriate to the selected major for the Graduate Diploma in Science as approved by the relevant Programme Director or nominee.

2 A student may, if Senate or its representative gives approval, enrol for this graduate diploma without having fulfilled the requirements of Regulation 1b, provided that the student completes any prerequisite courses as part of or in addition to the normal requirements of this programme.

3 With the approval of Senate or its representative, a student who needs only 30 points to complete the Bachelor of Science may enrol concurrently for this graduate diploma and those remaining points, provided that the graduate diploma will not be awarded until such qualifying degree is completed.

Duration and Total Points Value

4 a A student enrolled for this graduate diploma must follow a programme equivalent of two full-time semesters and pass courses with a total value of 120 points.

b The requirements for a Graduate Diploma in Science must be completed within four years of initial enrolment.

c In all cases, the semester of initial enrolment is deemed to be the first semester in which the student enrolled for a course which is assigned or reassigned to the programme.

d In exceptional circumstances the relevant Academic Head may increase the duration allowed for enrolment for a period not normally exceeding two consecutive semesters.

Structure and Content

5 Of the 120 points required for this graduate diploma a student must pass:

a at least 75 points above Stage II, from the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Honours) Schedules


b at least 60 points from a major listed in the Bachelor of Science Schedule, including the Stage III courses required for that major.

6 The programme for this graduate diploma may include a research project in a subject for which the student is approved by the Academic Head or nominee as suitably qualified.

7 A student must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.

8 The programme for each student requires the approval of the relevant Head of Department, Director of School or equivalent prior to enrolment.

9 Cross-credits will not be granted toward the Graduate Diploma in Science.

Research Project

10 a A research project, when included in the programme, is to be carried out under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by Senate or its representative on the recommendation of the relevant Academic Head.

b The research project topic must be approved by the relevant Academic Head prior to enrolment.

c The research project is to be completed and submitted in accordance with the General Regulations – Postgraduate Diplomas.


11 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve a personal programme which does not conform to these regulations.


12 These regulations have been amended with effect from 1 January 2023.