Regulations - Law

Graduate Diploma in Law – GradDipLaw

The regulations for this graduate diploma are to be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.


1 In order to be admitted to this programme, a student needs to have completed the requirements of:


a the Degree of Bachelor of Laws


b the Degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours)


c an equivalent qualification in law as approved by Senate or its representative.

Duration and Total Points Value

2 A student enrolled for this graduate diploma must follow a programme equivalent to two full-time semesters and pass courses with a total value of 120 points.

Structure and Content

3 Of the 120 points required for this graduate diploma, a student must pass at least 120 points from courses listed for Parts II, III and IV of the Bachelor of Laws Schedule, including at least 75 points from Parts III and IV.

4 With the approval of the Dean of Faculty of Law, in lieu of courses required under 3, up to 30 points may be substituted from courses listed in the Master of Laws Schedule. In this case, the Dean may require a student to take LAW 700.

5 With the approval of the Dean of Faculty of Law, a student may take up to 30 points from courses at Stage II or higher in other programmes offered at this University, provided they are relevant and suitable for inclusion in this graduate diploma.

6 The programme for each student requires the approval of the Dean of Faculty of Law.

7 A student admitted to this programme under Regulation 1c may be required to take LAW 131 Legal Method for a Certificate of Proficiency as a condition of enrolment, or to include LAWGENRL 443 or LAW 701.

8 A student admitted to this programme must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity Course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.

Reassignment From Certificate of Proficiency

9 A student who has passed for a Certificate of Proficiency courses that are available for this graduate diploma, and has enrolled for this programme, may apply to reassign those courses to this graduate diploma in accordance with the Credit Regulations.

10 Cross-credits will not be granted toward this graduate diploma.


11 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve a personal programme which does not conform to these regulations.


12 These regulations have been amended with effect from 1 January 2019.