Regulations - Higher Doctorates

The Degree of Doctor of Laws – LLD


1 The Degree of Doctor of Laws shall be awarded to those candidates whose submitted works provide evidence of an original contribution of special excellence to the history, philosophy, exposition or criticism of law, such that they are considered to have authoritative standing and international eminence in their field.

2 The Degree shall be awarded for work, whether sole or conjoint, published in book form or in scholarly journals in general circulation. In addition to the published work, the candidate may submit unpublished work in support of the application.

3 A candidate for the Degree of Doctor of Laws must be a graduate of the University of Auckland or have a substantial, demonstrable association with the University of Auckland.

4 No application to be examined for a higher doctorate will be considered until at least eight years after graduation to the candidate’s first degree.

5 No work shall be considered for the Degree if the work, or a major portion thereof, has previously formed the basis of an award of any degree or diploma in this or any other university.

6 Work submitted on a previous occasion for consideration of a higher doctorate at the University of Auckland will not be reconsidered for the Degree unless more than five years have elapsed since the previous submission and the resubmission includes new material.


7 A person wishing to become a candidate for a Doctor of Laws should apply in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies, providing:

a a completed Application to be Examined for a Higher Doctorate


b an academic curriculum vitae


c academic transcripts for each degree previously awarded if these degrees were not awarded by the University of Auckland.

8 Consideration of applications and examination shall be carried out in accordance with the Procedure for the Examination of Higher Doctorates, as determined by the Board of Graduate Studies from time to time.