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Regulations - Education And Social Work

The Degree of Master of Social Work (Professional) – MSW(Prof)

The regulations for this degree are to be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.


1 In order to be admitted to this degree, a student must have:

a completed the requirements for a Bachelors degree in a relevant subject from this University with a Grade Point Average of 5.0 or higher in 75 points at Stage III, or the equivalent as approved by Senate or its representative


b demonstrated in accordance with the approved selection criteria determined by the Faculty of Education and Social Work the qualities necessary for a person seeking to be a social worker. This will normally require letters of reference and an interview.

2 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve the admission of student who has relevant, practical, professional or scholarly experience deemed equivalent to the requirements in Regulation 1.


(i) Relevant subjects may include anthropology, education, gender studies, history, human geography, law, Māori studies, Pacific studies, nursing, population health, psychology or sociology.

(ii) Applicants will be required to consent to a Police check to ensure they meet the requirements of the Social Workers Registration Act 2003.

(iii) Applicants will be required to undergo safety checks required by the Children’s Act 2014.

(iv) This is a limited entry programme as per the Limitation of Entry Statute 1991 and selection criteria apply. Selection criteria are available from the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Duration and Total Points Value

3 A student enrolled for this degree must:

a pass courses with a total value of 240 points


b complete within the time limit specified in the General Regulations – Masters Degrees


c not exceed 280 points for the total enrolment for this degree.

Structure and Content

4 a A student enrolled for this degree must complete the requirements as listed in the Master of Social Work (Professional) Schedule.

b A student will not normally be permitted to enrol for Part II unless Part I has been completed.

5 A student admitted to this programme must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.

Practical and Professional Requirements

6 a At the discretion of Senate or its representative, a student who does not pass required courses for Part I may be declined permission to re-enrol in this degree.

b Re-enrolment in any of SOCWORK 721, 722, 725 after failing that course requires the permission of the Dean of Faculty of Education and Social Work.

c A student must continue to meet the requirements of being a fit and proper person for registration by the New Zealand Social Workers Registration Board throughout the duration of enrolment in the programme as outlined in the programme handbook.

Termination of Enrolment

7 a If the behaviour of a student in a practice environment is found, after due and fair inquiry, to be disruptive or likely to give rise to a risk of harm to the welfare of any person, the enrolment of the student in the programme may be terminated by Senate or its representative and any application to re-enrol may likewise be declined.

b A student who is subject to any such inquiry may be suspended by Senate or its representative from lectures, classes and any practice placement pending the outcome of the inquiry.

c A student whose enrolment is terminated under Regulation 7a may appeal that decision to the Provost or the duly appointed delegate.


8 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve a personal programme which does not conform to these regulations.


9 This degree may be awarded with Honours as specified in the General Regulations – Masters Degrees.


10 These regulations and/or schedule have been amended with effect from 1 January 2022.

Master of Social Work (Professional) (MSW(Prof)) Schedule


Taught Masters

Part I:

120 points: SOCWORK 721–725

Part II:

90 points: SOCWORK 712, 713, 734, 735

15 points from SOCCHFAM 735, SOCHLTH 736

15 points from SOCCHFAM 731, SOCHLTH 732