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Regulations - Creative Arts And Industries

The Degree of Master of Urban Design – MUrbDes

The regulations for this degree are to be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.


1 In order to be admitted to this degree, a student must have completed the requirements for:


a the Degree of Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Planning or Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) or Master of Architecture (Professional) or Master of Planning Practice or Master of Urban Planning from this University, or the equivalent as approved by Senate or its representative


b a qualification equivalent to a four-year degree in Landscape Architecture, approved by Senate or its representative.

2 Applicants for admission will be required to submit a portfolio of work that provides evidence of an appropriate level of skill in design and urban analysis, a resume of professional work, and a statement on why they wish to study urban design.

Note: This is a limited entry programme as per the Limitation of Entry Statute 1991 and selection criteria apply. Selection criteria are available from the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

Duration and Total Points Value

3 A student enrolled for this degree must:

a pass courses with a total value of 120 points


b complete within the time limit specified in the General Regulations – Masters Degrees.

4 The total enrolment for this degree must not exceed 160 points.

Structure and Content

5 Taught Masters

A student enrolled for this degree must pass 120 points from the courses listed in the Master of Urban Design Schedule.

6 If any of the courses listed have been previously completed, students must substitute an equivalent number of points from 700 level courses offered in the School of Architecture and Planning.

7 A student admitted to this programme must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.


8 a A student may reassign courses from this degree to the Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Design once.

b A student may reassign courses from this degree to the Master of Urban Planning (Professional) and Urban Design once.

c All courses that can be reassigned must be reassigned, including courses not completed.


9 This degree may be awarded with Distinction or Merit in accordance with the General Regulations – Masters Degrees.


10 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve a personal programme that does not conform to these regulations.


11 These regulations and/or schedule have been amended with effect from 1 January 2023.

Master of Urban Design (MUrbDes) Schedule


Core Courses

105 points: URBDES 702, 710, 720, URBPLAN 707, 712

Elective Courses

15 points from URBDES 703, 705