Regulations - Conjoint Degrees

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – BCom/BE(Hons)

1 A student must pass courses with a total value of 690 points, including:

a 255 points from courses listed in the Bachelor of Commerce Schedule, including:

(i) 90 points: BUSINESS 111, 112 or 113, 114, 115, 202, INFOSYS 110

(ii) 15 points from BUSINESS 350–353

(iii) at least 135 points above Stage I including at least 75 points above Stage II

(iv) the requirements for one or more majors as specified in the Bachelor of Commerce Schedule, of which at least 45 points must be at Stage III in each major


b 420 points as listed in the BE(Hons) component in the Conjoint Component Requirements Schedule.