Regulations - Conjoint Degrees

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Nursing Schedule – BAdvSci(Hons)/BNurs

1 Of the 690 points required for the BAdvSci(Hons)/BNurs conjoint degrees combination, a student must pass:

a 375 points required for the BAdvSci(Hons) component, including:

(i) 60 points: BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110, MEDSCI 142, PSYCH 108

(ii) at least 270 points above Stage I, including at least 195 points above Stage II

(iii) courses in a minimum of two subject codes listed in the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Honours) Schedule

(iv) at least 120 points at 700 level, including a research project or dissertation of between 30 and 60 points

(v) the requirement for a specialisation as listed in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) Schedule

(vi) the requirement for core courses as listed in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) Schedule


b 285 points required for the BNurs component, including:

(i) 15 points: POPLHLTH 111

(ii) 30 points: NURSING 105

(iii) 120 points: NURSING 201, 202

(iv) 120 points: NURSING 301, 302


c (i) 15 points from courses listed in either the General Education Open Schedule or either of the General Education Faculty Schedules approved for this conjoint degrees combination

(ii) the University of Auckland Academic Integrity Course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar


d a further 15 points from courses available for any programme at this University.

2 For the BAdvSci(Hons) component, students may include one or more modules and only the modules available in the Bachelor of Science Schedule can be included.