Regulations - Conjoint Degrees

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts Schedule – BA/BFA

1 Of the 675 points required for the BA/BFA conjoint degrees combination, a student must pass:

a 255 points from courses listed in the Bachelor of Arts Schedule, including:

(i) the requirements for one or more majors as specified in the Bachelor of Arts Regulations and Schedule of which at least 45 points must be above Stage II for each major

(ii) at least 165 points above Stage I, of which at least 75 points must be above Stage II


b 390 points required for the BFA component, including:

(i) Part I: 90 points: FINEARTS 101–104

(ii) Part II: 90 points: FINEARTS 204, and 207 or 208, and 209 or 212

(iii) Part III: 90 points: FINEARTS 305, and 308 or 309, and 310 or 311

(iv) Part IV: 120 points: FINEARTS 408, 409


c (i) 15 points from courses listed in either the General Education Open Schedule or either of the General Education Faculty Schedules approved for this conjoint degrees combination

(ii) the University of Auckland Academic Integrity Course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar


d a further 15 points from courses available for any programme at this University.