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Regulations - Arts

Postgraduate Certificate in Arts – PGCertArts

The regulations for this postgraduate certificate are to be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.


1 In order to be admitted to this postgraduate certificate, a student must have:

a completed the requirements for a Bachelors degree from this University


b passed the specified prerequisite courses in the selected subject for the Master of Arts, or the Master of Public Policy, with a Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher in 45 points above Stage II in that subject, or the equivalent as approved by Senate or its representative.

2 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve admission of a student who has not met the above requirement, but who has attained equivalent practical, professional or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind.

Structure and Content

3 A student enrolled for this postgraduate certificate must complete the requirements as listed in the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Schedule.

4 A student must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.


5 These regulations and/or schedule have been amended with effect from 1 January 2023.

Postgraduate Certificate in Arts (PGCertArts) Schedule


30 points: POLICY 742

30 points from POLICY 701, 702, POLITICS 757


60 points: POLICY 740, 741


60 points in one of the subjects listed in the Master of Arts Schedule excluding dissertation, research portfolio, research project and thesis courses