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Regulations - Arts

Diploma in Languages – DipLang

The regulations for this diploma are to be read in conjunction with all other statutes and regulations including the Academic Statutes and Regulations.

Duration and Total Points Value

1 A student enrolled for this diploma must follow a programme of the equivalent of two full-time semesters and pass courses with a total value of 120 points from the courses listed in the Diploma in Languages Schedule.

Structure and Content

2 Of the 120 points required for this diploma, a student must pass

a at least 60 points above Stage I, including

b at least 30 points above Stage II.

3 A student may not include courses for this diploma from more than two of the languages listed in the schedule for this diploma.

4 With the permission of the Academic Head or nominee concerned, a student may include for this diploma up to 30 points from postgraduate level language acquisition courses.

5 With the permission of the Academic Head or nominee for a language for which points have been passed at Stage II, and approval of the Dean of Faculty of Education and Social Work, a student may include 15 points from EDUC 318 for this diploma.

6 A student must complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity course as specified in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations, Academic Integrity, of the University Calendar.

Special Cases

7 Enrolment of students with prior knowledge of the language being studied is at the discretion of the Academic Head or nominee.

a Enrolment in any particular course(s) may be declined, and enrolment may be required instead in a course at a more advanced level.

b If a student who has been required to enrol in a more advanced course fails that course they may be credited with an appropriate less advanced course if they are certified by the examiners as having reached the standard of a pass for that course and have not previously been credited with that course for this diploma.

c A student who has passed or been credited with a language acquisition course, for this or any other programme, may not enrol for a course which precedes that course in the sequence of language acquisition courses in that language subject.

Credit and Cross-credit

8 A student who has passed a language course from the General Education Schedules may be granted credit for the equivalent course from the schedule for this diploma.

9 A student may not be granted credit and/or cross-credits towards this diploma of more than 30 points, including any points credited under Regulation 8.


10 In exceptional circumstances Senate or its representative may approve a personal programme which does not conform to these regulations.


11 These regulations and/or schedule have been amended with effect from 1 January 2024.

Diploma in Languages (DipLang) Schedule

Courses available:


Stage I courses: CHINESE 100, 101, 178

Stage II courses: CHINESE 200–202, 277, 278

Stage III courses: CHINESE 300–302, 306, 377, 378

Cook Islands Māori

Stage I courses: COOKIS 101, PACIFIC 105

Stage II course: COOKIS 201

Stage III courses: COOKIS 301, PACIFIC 312


Stage II courses: ANCIENT 210, 220

Stage III courses: ANCIENT 310


Stage I courses: FRENCH 101, 102

Stage II courses: FRENCH 203, 204, 214, 229, 241, 244, 269, 277, 278

Stage III courses: FRENCH 304, 305, 314, 320, 329, 331, 341, 344, 377, 378


Stage I courses: GERMAN 101, 102

Stage II courses: GERMAN 200, 201, 213, 277, 278

Stage III courses: GERMAN 301, 302, 306, 313, 314, 377, 378, 392


Stage II courses: ANCIENT 211, 221

Stage III courses: ANCIENT 311, 321


Stage I courses: ITALIAN 100, 106, 107, 177

Stage II courses: ITALIAN 200–202, 277, 278

Stage III courses: ITALIAN 300, 301, 312, 330, 335, 377, 378, 379


Stage I courses: JAPANESE 130, 131

Stage II courses: JAPANESE 222, 231, 232, 277, 278

Stage III courses: JAPANESE 322, 324, 331, 332, 377, 378


Stage I courses: KOREAN 110, 111

Stage II courses: KOREAN 200, 201, 277, 278

Stage III courses: KOREAN 300, 301, 377, 378


Stage I courses: LATIN 100, 101

Stage II courses: LATIN 200–205

Stage III courses: LATIN 300–302, 305, 310


Stage I courses: MĀORI 101, 103

Stage II courses: MĀORI 201, 203

Stage III courses: MĀORI 301, 302


Stage I courses: RUSSIAN 100, 101

Stage II courses: RUSSIAN 200, 201, 277, 278


Stage I courses: SAMOAN 101, PACIFIC 105

Stage II course: SAMOAN 201

Stage III courses: SAMOAN 301, PACIFIC 312


Stage I courses: SPANISH 104, 105

Stage II courses: SPANISH 200, 201, 277, 278

Stage III courses: SPANISH 319, 321, 323, 341, 342, 377, 378


Stage I courses: TONGAN 101, PACIFIC 105

Stage II course: TONGAN 201

Stage III courses: TONGAN 301, PACIFIC 312