Calendars 2000 - 2009

2009 Calendar

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These archived versions of the University of Auckland Calendar are PDF versions of the printed Calendar, and were correct at the time they went to print. Some parts of the Calendar for any year may have been updated on the online Calendar after going to print.  If you need to know if any regulations were updated following publication, email

2008 Calendar

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This archived version of the University of Auckland Calendar is a PDF version of the printed Calendar, and was correct at the time it went to print. 

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Calendars 2000 - 2006

Information contained in the publications below was correct at the time of going to press. These digitised copies of the University Calendar have been made to assist researchers across a wide spectrum of interests. While considerable effort has been made to ensure the completeness and high accuracy of the scanned copies, there are some limitations to the OCR technology used. If there is any difference between the online version and the original printed version, the printed version will be considered the official record.

2006 Calendar

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2003 Calendar

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2000 Calendar

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2005 Calendar

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2002 Calendar

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2004 Calendar

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2001 Calendar

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