Courses - General Education


Stage I

15 Points

Introduction to Statistics

Intended for anyone who will ever have to collect or make sense of data, either in their career or private life. Steps involved in conducting a statistical investigation are studied with the main emphasis being on data analysis and the background concepts necessary for successfully analysing data, extrapolating from patterns in data to more generally applicable conclusions and communicating results to others. Other topics include probability; confidence intervals, statistical significance, t-tests, and p-values; nonparametric methods; one-way analysis of variance, simple linear regression, correlation, tables of counts and the chi-square test.

Restriction: STATS 102, 107, 108, 191

15 Points

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Examines the uses, limitations and abuses of statistical information in a variety of activities such as polling, public health, sport, law, marketing and the environment. The statistical concepts and thinking underlying data-based arguments will be explored. Emphasises the interpretation and critical evaluation of statistically based reports as well as the construction of statistically sound arguments and reports. Some course material will be drawn from topics currently in the news.