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Courses - General Education

Science General

Stage I

15 Points

Communicating in a Knowledge Society

Effective communication is required for specialists in all fields to engage meaningfully with society. In this course students gain an understanding of the important role communication plays in a knowledge society. Through case studies and practical experience students learn about the responsibilities and skills required to communicate with a variety of audiences. They learn how to effectively manage and present data and practice oral, written, visual and electronic communication.

15 Points

Contemporary Science in Aotearoa New Zealand

What does it mean to do science here and now? This course considers how knowledge of place enhances your learning, the significance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and how knowledge systems frame understanding. Students will think critically about the relationships between science and our environment, along with the ethics of science in practice.

Stage II

15 Points

Innovating in a Knowledge Society

Interdisciplinary examination of science innovation at policy, organisational and project levels including context, impacts and roles of business and research organisations, and ways innovations are presented and received. Case study analysis of the business environment including how innovation is both enabled and constrained in science-based organisations and society, and innovation strategies in science–based organisations.

Stage III

15 Points

Engaging in a Knowledge Society

Addressing complex issues requires knowledge experts to engage with a variety of people. Solutions will be gained from collaborations that co-produce knowledge in transdisciplinary partnerships that lead to new ways of thinking. This course explores meaningful ways to engage with communities, and reassesses current ways of knowing and doing.