Courses - General Education

Fine Arts

Stage I

15 Points

Introduction to Photographic Practice

Introduces the methods, concepts and contemporary contexts of photographic practice alongside the development of a photographic portfolio. Students will use their own camera, (this can include cell phone cameras) to develop a portfolio of photographic work and explore the ways in which contemporary arts and cultural practices in Aotearoa enable a critical reflection on the production of images.

Stage II

15 Points

Understanding Contemporary Visual Arts Practice

How does the contemporary art world work? Premised on the idea that there are many art worlds, this course examines global and local contemporary artistic practices, theories, histories and institutions, exploring the practices and discourses that constitute these worlds. No prior knowledge or experience of contemporary art is assumed.

Prerequisite: 60 points passed

15 Points

Understanding Contemporary Fashion Design

Investigates the relationship between fashion design and identity to build understanding of the increasing rapidity of clothing change as both the product of individual choice and the manifestation of a need for community. The emphasis will be on the consumption of fashion and its relationship to the human body with reference to fashion theory in the context of the broader literatures of gender, class and ethnicity.

Prerequisite: 60 points passed