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Courses - General Education


Stage I

15 Points

The Creative Process

Theories and practices of creativity will be examined and practically explored through a variety of disciplines, such as the arts, biology, psychology, sociology, philosophy and education. What is creativity? Can creativity be learnt? What happens in the brain when we are creative? These are some of the questions addressed in this course.

15 Points

Teaching: Tales and Traditions

Introduction to key ideas on teachers and teaching. Explores teaching traditions, their origins, stories of teaching in New Zealand; stories of teachers that generate change; and how teaching and teachers are understood in a variety of disciplines such as Science, Health, Arts, and Sport. Considers the following: How should we teach? What counts as knowledge? What contradictions do teachers encounter?

15 Points

How People Learn

Focuses on learning in formal and informal settings and addresses such questions as: why do some things seem easier to learn than others, why do we forget things we once knew, and why do some people learn faster or better than others? Examines the nature of intelligence and how to help personal learning or the learning of others.

Restriction: EDUC 111, 117

15 Points

Learning Sexualities

How and what do we learn about sexualities in New Zealand? Learning about sexualities is viewed as occurring both formally (e.g., through sexuality education) and informally (e.g., through the media) in a diversity of social sites. Schools are examined as one significant site where students are offered sexual meanings. The historical derivation and current context of contemporary education about sexuality along with its social effects are investigated.