Courses - General Education

Earth Sciences

Stage I

15 Points

Natural Hazards in New Zealand

New Zealanders are exposed to extreme natural events and processes including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, weather bombs, storm surge, tsunami, flooding, landslides and erosion. The physical context for each hazard is provided, drawing on the disciplines of geology, geomorphology and climatology. The frequency and magnitude of natural hazards for New Zealand are considered using different sources. Impacts on modern society are discussed using case studies and scenario modelling.

Stage II

15 Points

New Zealand: Half a Billion Years on the Edge

Take a 500 million year journey through time following the geologic and biologic development of New Zealand from humble beginnings on the edge of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana to the present day geologically dynamic land mass beset by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and massive erosion as a consequence of being located on the edge of the Earth's largest tectonic plate.

Prerequisite: 75 points passed