Courses - General Education


Stage I

15 Points

Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific

A survey of the peoples of Pacific Islands through the perspectives of archaeology, biological anthropology, ethnomusicology, linguistics and social anthropology.

15 Points

Question of Race and Racism

International, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives question 'race' and 'racism'. Why does the concept have such social and political potency? What are the impacts of concepts of race and practices of racism and anti-racism on individuals, families, communities, nation-states and empires, and in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific in particular?

15 Points

Issues and History in Popular Music

A survey of popular music styles, artists, sub-cultures and issues that explores facets such as genre, the music industry, music and politics, music videos, the sales process, race and identity, and gender theory. Core theory and writers in popular music studies are introduced and popular music is used to explore societal changes in class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, youth, and global economic and cultural processes. Note: Does not meet the General Education requirement for BMus or BMus conjoints.

Restriction: POPMUS 106, 106G