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Courses - Faculty of Science

Tertiary Foundation Certificate Chemistry

Foundation Courses

15 Points

Foundation Chemistry 1

Introduction to elements, compounds, the periodic table, atomic structure, covalent bonding, molecular shape and polarity. Quantitative chemistry, including balancing equations, calculating moles and particles present, calculation of concentration in mol L-1. Energy and thermo-chemistry. Laboratories include practical skills and qualitative analysis, and simple modelling.

Restriction: CHEM 91F, 91P

15 Points

Foundation Chemistry 2

Introduces further principles of chemistry. Physical chemistry and qualitative inorganic analysis, including chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium. Organic chemistry, including hydrocarbons, oxygen-containing functional groups, isomerism and reaction classifications, acids, bases, buffer solutions and titrations. Laboratories include reactions of hydrocarbon and oxygen-containing organic compounds, chromatography, testing for anions and cations in solution, acid-base titrations.

Restriction: CHEM 92F