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Courses - Faculty of Science

Information Management

Stage I

15 Points

Information Tools for Business

The ability to manage and analyse information is essential in many aspects of business. This course provides a practical introduction to a variety of information tools used to analyse and visualise data relating to aspects of information management. Through these tools and methods students explore using data to inform decisions related to a variety of activities.

Stage III

15 Points

Capstone: Information Management

Students work in a small group to solve a substantial problem. Groups are expected to reason on a problem, devise a solution, produce an artefact and present their work. The capstone provides an opportunity to students to further develop their technical and communication skills. Prerequisite: BUSAN 201 or INFOMGMT 292, and COMPSCI 230 or INFOSYS 220, and 15 points from COMPSCI 215, INNOVENT 203, OPSMGT 258, SCIGEN 201, and 30 points from BUSAN 300-305, COMPSCI 345, INFOMGMT 390, 392, 393, INFOSYS 300, 320-323, 330, 338, 339, 341, MKTG 308, OPSMGT 357