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Environmental Management

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

15 Points

Social Change for Sustainability

Explores the concept of sustainability through different theoretical frameworks and how social and environmental movements have mobilised around this concept over time. Critically interrogates what is sustainable, what is social change, and how can social change be sustainable in a global economy. Draws on case studies of current environmental issues and associated popular social movements.

15 Points

Social Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

An examination of the social dimensions of global environmental change. This includes a review of the history of climate science, the interaction of science with other knowledges, and contemporary debates surrounding climate change as well as other forms of environmental change. It also examines the different ways in which people respond to environmental risks and changes, and the challenges associated with mitigation and adaptation policies.

15 Points

Environmental Policy

Debates surrounding environmental policy and governance provide insights into the complexities of environmental management issues. Examples of environmental governance will be considered at global and local scales. The roles of international agencies, nation-states, civil society and corporations in shaping environmental policy and governance are examined.

15 Points

Resource Management

A review of advanced principles, concepts and approaches to the sustainable management of natural resources. Case studies emphasise the need for conflict resolution, equitable allocation, and decentralised decision-making to address the social and environmental impacts of resource utilisation.

15 Points

Collaborative Environmental Management

An exploration of participatory management and its potential for engaging communities, resource users and stakeholders in the pursuit of sustainable development. Students will examine strategies for incorporating local knowledge within conservation practices and for reconciling natural resource management with human welfare, social justice and indigenous rights.

15 Points

Current Issues in Sustainability

A topical review of approaches to sustainability as applied within a particular industry or sector.

60 Points

60 Points

MSc Thesis in Environmental Management

To complete this course students must enrol in ENVMGT 796 A and B