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Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

30 Points

Special Topic: Research Methods and Skills for Eye Research

A comprehensive overview, focusing primarily on the ophthalmic arena. Includes: research, methodologies, literature reviews, implementation and appraisal of qualitative and quantitative research, developing research questions and writing up of research for presentation and publication. Provides skills specific to eye research that may not be relevant to other health care professionals.

30 Points

Special Topic: Ophthalmic Technology

The theory, basic principles, techniques and interpretation of results for ophthalmic technology used in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. Technology covered includes: slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonometry, A-scan ultrasound, keratometry; IOL master, HRT, OCT, computerised topography, anterior segment photography, FFA, autorefraction and therapeutic lasers. The latest advances in ophthalmic technology will also be included.

30 Points

Special Topic: Management of Acute Eye Disease

Overview of the diagnosis and management of 'acute eye conditions' in the community and hospital settings including: signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment modalities and medium term management.

30 Points

Special Study in Ophthalmology

To provide an opportunity to study a selected field of ophthalmology at an advanced level by undertaking a detailed review of a selected topic or undertaking a research project in a field related to ophthalmology.