Courses - Faculty of Engineering

Structural Engineering

Stage II

15 Points

Introductory Structural Mechanics

Introduction to structural analysis for civil engineers. Equilibrium, internal actions and deformations, structural forms, structural systems, analysis of determinate systems, plane section properties, elasticity, engineering beam theory, failure theories. Prepares students to embark on further studies in structural design.

Prerequisite: ENGGEN 121

Restriction: CIVIL 210

15 Points

Civil Engineering Materials and Design

Properties and manufacturing of civil engineering material including concrete, steel, timber structural products and roading material. Design principles and examples for concrete, steel and timber members.

Restriction: CIVIL 250

0 Points

Workshop Practice

Restriction: ENGGEN 299

Stage III

15 Points

Design Loads and Dynamic Response of Structures

Determination of design loads according to AS/NZS1170 and the response of structures under dynamic loadings.

Prerequisite: CIVIL 210 or STRCTENG 200

Restriction: CIVIL 314

15 Points

Timber Structures Design

Structural analytical techniques including computer based approaches to simple indeterminate structures. Design procedures for members and structural systems of timber and engineered wood products. Design project.

Prerequisite: CIVIL 210 or STRCTENG 200

Restriction: CIVIL 312

15 Points

Steel Structures Design

Mechanical properties of steel and contextualises the application of steel and steel/concrete into buildings and bridges. Comprehensive introduction to design of structural steel members and connections and their use in structures. Application to vertical load carrying systems and steel building behaviour in earthquake and fire.

Prerequisite: CIVIL 210 or STRCTENG 200

Restriction: CIVIL 313

15 Points

Concrete Structures Design

Design of reinforced concrete members including beams, columns, walls, foundations. Introduction to prestressed and precast concrete design and applications. Use of the NZ Concrete Structures Standard, NZS 3101.

Prerequisite: CIVIL 210 or STRCTENG 200

Restriction: CIVIL 313

15 Points

Structural Design for Civil Engineers

Structural loading for gravity and wind in accordance with the loading code AS/NZS1170. Design principles and examples for concrete and timber members and design for timber framed buildings using NZS3604. Introduction to seismic building behaviour at a conceptual level.

Prerequisite: CIVIL 210 or STRCTENG 200

Restriction: CIVIL 312, 313

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

15 Points

Low Rise Structures Design

Structural systems for low-rise buildings, including seismic design and analysis techniques. Design and detailing of low-rise structures in structural steel, reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry, and timber. Strut and tie design for reinforced concrete. Introduction to fire engineering. Techniques in the checking of existing structures and lessons learnt from failures.

Prerequisite: STRCTENG 302, and CIVIL 313 or STRCTENG 303

Restriction: CIVIL 713

15 Points

Multistorey Structures Design

Techniques for the design of multistorey structures to resist seismic loading. Derivation of design actions, alternative structural systems for resisting these loads, design of structural components subject to cyclic inelastic action, detailing of members and joints to enhance earthquake resistance. Techniques of seismic isolation.

Prerequisite: STRCTENG 302, and CIVIL 313 or STRCTENG 303

Restriction: CIVIL 714

15 Points

Forensic Structural Engineering

Investigation of structural failures and disasters extending to the evaluation and assessment, restoration, and strengthening of modern and historic structures. Provides an understanding of the forensic engineering process that applies to the investigation and assessment of structural failures. Business practices including standards of care, performing critical self-assessment of capabilities, assembling a team, and professional ethics, legal testimony, and media relations are also discussed.

Prerequisite: STRCTENG 302, 303

Restriction: CIVIL 744