Courses - Faculty of Education And Social Work

Physical Education

Stage I

15 Points

Games and Sport Education

Develops knowledge and appreciation of various game forms. Analyses game structures and processes. Develops performance competency in games through experiential learning. Explores and analyses potentially positive and negative outcomes of participating in games and sport.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 231, EDPROF 344

15 Points

Alternative Sport and Play

Develops understanding of alternative sport and games young people play in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. Explores a range of non-traditional and non-competitive physical activities. Reflects on the socio-cultural dimensions of these types of physical activities, including an examination of how alternative sport enables young people to learn, play, communicate, create, express themselves, and belong.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 232

15 Points

Outdoor Education 1

Explores the nature and purpose of outdoor education. Requires study and participation in selected outdoor activities to acquire field-specific skills, knowledge, and dispositions. Involves experiential learning and recognition of the contribution of outdoor education to personal and social development, including the facilitation of group processing. Develops basic knowledge of outdoor risk management and environmental care.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 236

15 Points

Aquatics and Water Safety

Studies aquatic activity with an emphasis on the practical competencies that underpin safe and engaging recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Includes drowning prevention promotion and water safety education with particular reference to high-risk activities and at-risk groups, including children and youth. Demonstrate responsibility in aquatic environments including developing a range of aquatic skills, identifying hazards, and care for aquatic environments.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 130, 232

Stage II

15 Points

Outdoor Education 2

Examines the role of outdoor education as an educational process. Involves experiential learning to develop outdoor skills, knowledge, and behaviours for teaching outdoor education. Develops knowledge of risk management for safe, effective and pleasurable engagement in the outdoors. Develops knowledge and skills for environmental care and protection.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 236

Stage III

15 Points

Outdoor Education Leadership

Develops specialist leadership knowledge and skills appropriate to leading educational experiences in the outdoors. Strengthens skills required to facilitate safe, challenging learning experiences in moderate and wilderness environments. Examines policies and legal requirements as they relate to safe industry practice and duty of care.

Prerequisite: PHYSED 103, 203