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Courses - Faculty of Education And Social Work

Higher Education

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

30 Points

Learning and Teaching

Students will document and critically reflect on their teaching practice in the context of their discipline and institution, and the higher education literature on learning and teaching and academic citizenship, taking into account how they will exhibit both leadership through innovation, scholarship and collegiality, and an awareness of difference (gender, ethnicity, ability) such that their practice is culturally and individually sustaining.

30 Points

Course Design

Students will explore and critically reflect on the theory and practice of learning and course design in higher education, including different models and methods of assessment and evaluation, such that they can design, implement and evaluate learning and teaching activities, assessment tasks and courses in ways that speak to practice in their discipline and institution, and the higher education literature.

Prerequisite: HIGHED 701

30 Points

Topics in Higher Education

Students will investigate and critically examine a range of current topics and theories in higher education and higher education research and their impact in a local context, in order to deepen their scholarly understanding of learning and teaching in their discipline and in the local and global higher education context, and equip them to design and undertake a higher education dissertation.

Prerequisite: HIGHED 701, 702, or equivalent

30 Points

Research Project Design

Students will be introduced to and critically reflect on the breadth of higher education research methodologies and methods, and strategies for research project design and management. This will enable them to produce a research proposal, including a rationale, literature review, methodology and methods, for a higher education research project of their own.

Prerequisite: HIGHED 701 or 702 or 703

60 Points

30 Points

30 Points

Dissertation - Level 9

Prerequisite: 30 points from EDUC 735, 787, EDUCSW 700, EDPROFST 754, HIGHED 704

To complete this course students must enrol in HIGHED 793 A and B, or HIGHED 793