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Courses - Faculty of Education And Social Work

Health Education

Stage I

15 Points

Food and Education

Examines the relationship between food, eating, nutrition, and the body. Examines the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental factors that determine how people eat, what they eat, and why. Explores contemporary issues in nutrition and food education, and key challenges to improving the nutrition of communities.

Stage II

15 Points

Youth Mental Health Education

Examines mental health education in Aotearoa New Zealand. Explores holistic, western and non-western approaches to mental health in education settings and the history of public health in schools. Examines how current education policy, resourcing and pedagogical initiatives impact the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 233

15 Points

Sexuality, Education and Society

Examines the role of sexuality and sexuality education in society. Investigates cultural, historical and contemporary perspectives on gender and sexuality in diverse settings, including education and human services. Explores values, beliefs and issues of equity and sexual social justice. Develops sexuality pedagogies and advocacy for education settings and within communities.

Restriction: EDCURRIC 333, EDUC 122

Stage III

15 Points


Critically examines a range of indigenous-Māori and critical literatures in health, physicality and wellbeing and provides opportunities to consider the relationships between indigenous-Māori wellbeing and other social locations and identities.

Prerequisite: 15 points from EDUCSW 201, HEALTHED 201, SPORTHPE 201

15 Points

Leading Health Promotion in Schools

Critically examines how a range of health promotion models and theories can be applied in education settings. Develops in-depth knowledge of how contemporary health issues such as mental health, alcohol, drugs and obesity affect young people in Aotearoa schools. Develops understanding and skills to apply health promotion principles to educational and community settings in culturally responsive and socially critical ways.

Prerequisite: HEALTHED 201

Restriction: EDCURRIC 433