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Education and Social Work

Stage I

0 Points

0 Points

0 Points

English Language Competency

To complete this course students must attain a level of competency in the English language as determined by the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

To complete this course students must enrol in EDUCSW 199 A and B, or EDUCSW 199

Stage II

15 Points

Diversity in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Explores diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand, focusing on its bicultural history and contemporary public policy. Questions power relations relating to the Treaty of Waitangi and biculturalism, extending to the nation’s increasing ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversities. Critiques intersectionalities of culture, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic location, sexuality, disability, age and examines policy implications. Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) is a key illustrative setting.

Prerequisite: EDUCSW 101 or EDPROFM 100

Restriction: EDUC 118, SOCWORK 113, 114

15 Points

New Cultures of Learning

Examines the current 'learning revolution' that has emerged from widespread economic, social, technological and environmental changes in today's globalised world. Questions the what, why and how of learning and recognises that 'formal' education represents only one aspect of 'learning'. Provides an overview of theories and practices of new cultures of learning, which students can relate to their own learning experiences.

Stage III

15 Points

Service Learning

A service-learning experience during which students will develop specialist knowledge and skills. With supervision, students will engage in culturally-responsive, reflective practice that is of direct benefit to others. Professional and ethical relationship management, effective communication skills, critical reflection and evidence-based decision making will be emphasised.

Prerequisite: Students are required to consent to the disclosure of criminal convictions and safety checks as required by the Children's Act 2014

15 Points

Research and Professional Practice

Develops knowledge and understanding of a range of research paradigms and how research informs professional practice. Critically examines the scope and nature of research. Designs a valid, ethical, and appropriate inquiry of a professional practice topic.

Prerequisite: 45 points at Stage II

Restriction: EDCURRIC 335

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

30 Points

Research Methodologies

Students explore two content strands. The first strand focuses on philosophical and theoretical questions about how we use and produce knowledge. The course takes a high-level view of methodological assumptions underlying different research traditions including Māori, Pasifika and other Indigenous research. The second strand focuses on understanding how to collect, interpret and synthesise research information in education and social services.

Restriction: EDPRAC 751, EDPROFST 700, 754, 757, EDUC 735, 787, EDUCSW 701, HIGHED 704, SOCWORK 718

30 Points

Special Study