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Courses - Faculty of Creative Arts And Industries

Architectural Technology and Sustainability

Stage I

15 Points

Introduction to Technology and Sustainability

Introduction to structural concepts and construction principles, including building elements, systems and foundation options. Properties of commonly used construction materials, with a focus on timber frame constructions, their regulatory context, applications and detailing, and appropriate ways of applying the principles to design studio projects. Climate and vernacular architecture. Principles of climate-sensitive design. Sustainability and resilience in the built environment.

Restriction: ARCHTECH 106, 107

Stage II

15 Points

Design Technology 1

Development of structural and construction principles and systems for small-scale and residential buildings. Characteristics and behaviour of common building materials. Building components and detailing. Outline of building codes, health and safety regulations and site operations. Active building services and technologies for residential housing, including heating, cooling, ventilation, water, waste, electrical services and vertical transportation. Application to design studio projects.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 108

15 Points

Environmental Design 1

Climate, context and energy consideration in buildings. Heat transfer and energy balances. Thermal comfort through passive solar systems, materials and building services in small-scale and residential buildings. Integrating renewable energy sources in building design. Indoor air quality and natural ventilation. Air-tightness and moisture control. Daylight performance of buildings and visual comfort. Behaviour of sound and noise and their control for human comfort.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 108

Restriction: ARCHTECH 208

Stage III

15 Points

Environmental Design 2

Indoor environmental quality for complex, large scale and multi-storey buildings. Requirements of the New Zealand Building Code for energy efficiency and human comfort. Design strategies and innovative materials for high-performance buildings. Qualitative and quantitative approach to sustainable practices. Simulation tools, measurements and techniques. Natural resources, materials optimisation and building reuse. Sustainability and resilience at the urban scale.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 210

Restriction: ARCHTECH 307

15 Points

Design Technology 2

Development of construction and structural principles for complex, large-scale and multi-storey buildings. Investigation of façade technology, material selection and detailing, as applied in practice. Development of factors affecting buildability, fire protection and building code requirements. Application to design studio projects through drawing and prototyping.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 207

Restriction: ARCHTECH 312

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

15 Points

Building Materials and Technologies

Explores the selection and integration of appropriate materials, components and systems in relation to the different contexts, scales and stages of the design, documentation, procurement and construction of projects, in alignment with the National Standard of Competency for Architects.

Restriction: ARCHTECH 307, 312, 314, 315

15 Points

Designing with Resilience Thinking

Examines resilience in the built environment, from reviewing the literature on resilience to analysing case studies and developing strategies to enhance resilience in architecture.

15 Points

Advanced Building Technologies

Examines how responsive skins can be used to improve building performances. Explores the development of building technologies in the Asian and Oceania regions of the Pacific Rim.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 314 and 315

15 Points

Sustainable and Healthy Housing

Examines the current issues of performances and indoor environmental quality in Aotearoa’s housing. Explores strategies, technologies and materials for designing and retrofitting sustainable, resilient and healthy housing.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 314 and 315

15 Points

Special Topic