Courses - Faculty of Business And Economics

Māori Development

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

15 Points

Whai Rawa: Māori Economies

A critical survey of one thousand years of Māori economic and business activity which examines the interaction of resources, culture, society and commerce. Considers Māori enterprise as an Area Study of developing economies such as Whenua Rangatira and the Economy of Mana.

15 Points

Te Whakapakari Huanga Māori: Māori Entrepreneurship

An examination of both theory and practice in the field of Māori and Indigenous entrepreneurship. Participants critique theoretical models and frameworks and engage with tools and methods that help develop ideas leading to a pathway of commercialisation.

15 Points

Tikanga Ture mo ngā Huanga Māori: Legal Studies

Explores the role of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi and tikanga Māori in the legal system with an emphasis on statutory and customary law relevant to business in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Importance is placed on governance and business structures most conducive to sustainable kaupapa Māori commercial and entrepreneurial activity.

15 Points

Te Whakamana Rōpū Māori: Governance and Management

Analysis of the nature of Māori enterprise and Māori governance and management systems in relation to both traditional and modern governance and management theory and frameworks.

Restriction: BUSADMIN 761

15 Points

Whakatairanga Huanga Māori: Marketing

Customer value and value-creation in markets and the implications for marketing, marketing decision-making with a focus on Māori enterprise.

Restriction: BUSADMIN 762

15 Points

Tātaritanga Huhua: Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis theory, techniques, and tools to support and facilitate governance and managerial decision-making, drawing on examples from mātauranga Māori or traditional Māori knowledge systems, and from Māori enterprise. Includes financial, statistical, and operational modelling.

Restriction: BUSADMIN 763

15 Points

Whakatakinga Tahua Huanga Māori: Accounting and Finance

Accounting practice for Māori organisations exploring the structure of accounting information. Develops skills in analysing and critically interpreting accounting and finance data that informs managerial planning, control, decision making and business valuation

Restriction: BUSADMIN 764, BUSADMIN 765

15 Points

Tikanga Māhere i te Ao Māori: Strategy

Principles and techniques associated with strategic thinking, planning and innovation for business growth and sustainable economic development. Considers the practical application of strategic and mātauranga Māori theory to Māori and non-Māori organisational contexts with a focus on, achieving simultaneous social, environmental, cultural and economic value creation.

Restriction: BUSADMIN 768