Courses - Faculty of Business And Economics

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stage II

15 Points

15 Points

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Stimulates new ways of thinking about enterprising behaviour in a multi-disciplinary manner relevant to understanding and addressing real world challenges of today. Introduces skills needed to identify and assess opportunities, solve problems creatively, communicate persuasively, work effectively in teams, and understand individual and organisational impact.

Prerequisite: 15 points from BUSINESS 102, 103, 112, 113, MGMT 101, or 90 points passed, or 60 points from Part I of the BE(Hons) Schedule

15 Points

Understanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Applies processes for creating, evaluating and realising entrepreneurial opportunities. Presents creative and analytical approaches to engage with different stakeholders and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty in a variety of entrepreneurial contexts. Skills to assess opportunities and associated business models and communicate a credible and compelling business case are introduced.

Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or 103 or 112 or 113, or INNOVATE 100 or SCIGEN 201

Restriction: INNOVENT 202

Stage III

15 Points

Directed Study

15 Points

Special Topic

Prerequisite: 15 points from ENGGEN 302, 303, INNOVENT 201, 203, 204, MGMT 202, 211, SCIGEN 201

15 Points

Ecosystems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Introduces the eco-system concept to examine ways that innovating firms interact with various actors to build and sustain viable global enterprises. Actors include: suppliers, competitors, investors, users/customers, governments and universities. Develops the analytical skills needed to identify different actors for potential partnerships and strategies to engage with them.

Prerequisite: 15 points from ENGGEN 302, 303, INNOVENT 201, 203, 204, MGMT 202, 211, SCIGEN 201

15 Points

Advanced Entrepreneurship

Extends entrepreneurial knowledge and applies advanced skills in the context of a student defined project focused on an innovative opportunity with international potential. Develops an integrated understanding of the complex interactions within a successful interdisciplinary team and the requirements for engaging with experts relevant to the opportunity.

Prerequisite: INNOVENT 204

Restriction: INNOVENT 303

15 Points

Responsible Innovation

Methods, tools and techniques for responsible innovation and new product development. Frameworks for managing the creative front end of innovation, and anticipating social and ethical issues associated with green and clean technology, circular economy, and frugal innovation trends.

Prerequisite: 15 points from ENGGEN 303, INNOVENT 201, 203, 204, SCIGEN 201

Restriction: INNOVENT 302

15 Points

Women in Entrepreneurship

Explores opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in today’s global economy. Examines issues related to gender bias, entrepreneurial finance, and growing the entrepreneurial venture. Develops skills for starting and growing an entrepreneurial venture through collaborative, real world opportunity-based assessments.

Prerequisite: Either 15 points from INNOVENT 201, 203, 204, SCIGEN 201, or 60 points at Stage II