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Commercial Law

Stage I

15 Points

Law in a Business Environment

Decision makers in commerce and industry require an understanding of legal structures, concepts and obligations. Provides an introduction to the New Zealand legal system and the legal environment in which businesses operate, and also introduces legal concepts of property and the law of obligations, including detailed study of various forms of legal liability relevant to business.

Restriction: COMLAW 191

Stage II

15 Points

Commercial Contracts

Every business transaction involves a contract. Commercial Contracts examines the general principles of the law of contract including the process of formation of a contract, the interpretation of contractual terms and the various obstacles which may impede the enforceability of a bargain. Introduces the special features of contracts in digitally networked environments and issues relating to breach of contract and consumer protection.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 or 191

15 Points

Company Law

Companies are by far the most used vehicle for doing business and an understanding of the rules that govern them is essential for everyone involved in commerce and industry. Examines the nature of a company, incorporation and share capital, the concept of separate legal personality, how a company interacts with the world and the roles of the stakeholders in a company including directors and shareholders. A sound understanding will help decision makers to take the advantages of corporate structure while avoiding pitfalls and legal liability.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 or 191

Stage III

15 Points


An introduction to the Income Tax Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act, with emphasis on developing an understanding of these types of tax as relevant to taxpayers. Specific topics include the nature of income, taxation of common types of income (such as wages, shares and land), the deduction and prohibition of various types of expenses, tax accounting issues (cash or accrual basis), provisional tax, rebates, PAYE system, tax returns and an introduction to GST.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 201 or 203

15 Points

Receiverships and Reconstructions

A business in difficulty may fail or it may be rehabilitated. Receiverships and Reconstructions looks at aspects of business failure and near failure including informal workouts, formal business rescue regimes, company receiverships and personal bankruptcy. Students will develop the skills and expertise to operate in these fields.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 203 or LAW 417

15 Points

Business Structures for Enterprises

Business advisers need to be familiar with a wide variety of business structures other than companies. Emphasis is on the most common of these including franchises, joint ventures, trading trusts, partnerships, unincorporated societies and State Owned Enterprises in order to ensure that advisers are familiar with their merits and legal consequences of utilising these structures.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 203

15 Points

Financial Markets Law

Businesses need investment to grow. Many raise finance from the securities markets, in particular by listing on the Stock Exchange. Topics include raising money from the public and the rules relating to insider trading, market manipulation, disclosure obligations, takeovers and listing on the Stock Exchange and will benefit investment advisors and anyone involved in the financial markets.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 203

15 Points

Marketing Law

Marketers are not free to say what they want. A variety of laws and codes govern the claims made about goods and services and the ways in which they are presented and sold. Marketing Law covers consumer legislation, product distribution, advertisement regulation, branding, privacy and competition law. It builds skills in problem solving, decision making and written communication.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 101, MKTG 201; or COMLAW 201 or 203; or COMLAW 101 and at least 30 points at Stage II

15 Points

Advanced Taxation

An advanced study of Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax, with emphasis on the important tax regimes applicable to business taxpayers and high-wealth individuals. Specific topics include corporate taxation, dividends and imputation, company losses and grouping, qualifying companies, trusts, partnerships, financial accruals, international taxation, the disputes procedure and penalties regime, and evasion and avoidance.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 203 and 301, or LAW 429 and LLB Part II

Restriction: LAW 409

15 Points

Employment Law

The success of a business depends on the maintaining of a productive relationship with its employees. Employment Law covers the legal principles governing the employment relationship. Specific topics include bargaining, personal grievances, enforcement of employment contracts, strikes and lockouts, the rules regarding holidays, and health and safety obligations.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 201 or 203; or COMLAW 101 and MGMT 223; or COMLAW 191 and MGMT 292 or 293 or BUSINESS 292 or 293

15 Points

Finance and Property Law

Examines the legal concepts of property and ownership which are central to securing repayment of debt. Major topics include types of security over personal and real property; statutory provisions regulating credit contracts and property rights; general principles relating to guarantees; legal aspects of commercial leasing; liability of professional advisers and aspects of unsecured lending.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 201 or 203 or PROPERTY 271

15 Points

Special Topic

15 Points

Intellectual Property and Innovation

Managers and entrepreneurs need to understand the legal rules governing the protection and commercialisation of innovative ideas and information and their application in business. Topics covered include the role of copyright in a technological society, the importance of secrecy in protecting valuable ideas by way of patents and the common law, and the interaction of contract with elements of intellectual property.

Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 and at least 30 points at Stage II

15 Points

Special Topic

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

30 Points

Legal Research, Writing and Contemporary Issues

The theory and application of legal research methodologies and the practice of legal writing, identifies and resolves key commercial law and taxation issues that arise for businesses and organisations operating in New Zealand.

30 Points

Research Essay - Level 9

60 Points

30 Points

30 Points

Dissertation - Level 9

To complete this course students must enrol in COMLAW 791 A and B, or COMLAW 791

30 Points

60 Points

Thesis - Level 9

To complete this course students must enrol in COMLAW 793 A and B

60 Points

60 Points

Thesis in Commercial Law - Level 9

To complete this course students must enrol in COMLAW 796 A and B