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Business MBA

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

0 Points

Coaching for Leadership

Develops skills to lead oneself, others and organisations in increasingly global, uncertain and complex business environments. Explores principles of effective leadership within a context that is constantly changing.

7.5 Points

Financial Return, Risk and Valuation

Examines factors that affect the value of real and financial assets and explores the relation between risk and return and its implications for asset values and the cost of capital. Includes coverage of models and techniques used for the valuation of real and financial assets.

7.5 Points

Managing Capacity and Inventory

Develops effective strategies for determining and allocating capacity and inventories to match supply and demand consistent with business strategy, cost factors, and uncertainty. Considers both manufacturing and services utilising perspectives from operations, accounting, and finance.

7.5 Points

Globalising Mindsets

Develops skills to navigate the complexities of the global business environment. Critically evaluates differences in regulation, culture and customs in formulating strategies to reach overseas customers and navigate different business systems.

7.5 Points

Managing Talent in the 21st Century

Explores the factors that enable organisations to attract, keep and promote valued talent. Considers the role of technological developments in the definition and organisation of work and the implications for individuals and organisations. Explores principles of human talent management within a context that is constantly changing.

7.5 Points

Approaches to Growth

Explores various strategic approaches to growth, drawing on strategic management and marketing. Develops skills to critically evaluate, develop and manage growth strategies that are appropriate for the given context.

7.5 Points

Innovating New Products and Services

Examines the processes that create successful new products and services and explores the development of appealing concepts, prototyping and testing, refinement, production and launch. Develops skills to create a refined concept for a new offering, and plans for processes required to execute its launch into the marketplace.

7.5 Points

Engaging Innovation Ecosystems

Provides a multi-disciplinary approach to build the practices of innovation, commercialisation, and corporate entrepreneurship. Examines the essential processes of open innovation, such as collaboration, knowledge sharing, and contracting.

7.5 Points

Leading and Managing Change

Critically evaluates the key determinants of successful organisational change including factors within the control of the change agent, including those that enable and constrain the actions of the change agent. Develops skills to initiate and manage change, and then to embed change in organisational systems and practices.

7.5 Points

Market Making and Market Shaping

Explores the factors that enable organisations to make and shape markets, drawing on the transdisciplinary science of systems theory. Develops skills to devise and implement strategies on a market or ecosystem level in uncertain and complex contexts.

7.5 Points

Organisational Resilience

Develops skills to critically assess current reality and understand ripple effects while scanning the horizon for long-term threats and opportunities. Develops skills to build individual and organisational resilience in a context that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

7.5 Points

Special Topic

15 Points

Special Topic

15 Points

Navigating the Business Environment

Critically evaluates the business environment from legal, economic, political and social perspectives, at both the national and international levels. Develops skills to identify and influence major constraints and opportunities, and to use this critical understanding in strategic decision-making.

15 Points

Financial Management and Control

Covers the process of financial management within a corporation and explores how the analysis of a range of financial information can be used to gain insights which enhance managerial decision making. Examines how value can be created for shareholders and other stakeholders through investment and financing decisions.

15 Points

Building Capabilities for Performance

Explores business strategies based on unique resources and capabilities, utilising perspectives from management and marketing. Develops skills to generate market intelligence, devise strategies, manage intangible assets as well as relationships with external stakeholders.

15 Points

Designing, Managing, and Improving Business Processes

Explores leading and organising intra- and inter-organisational processes and systems, for effective production and delivery of goods and services meeting customer needs. Considers uncertain and complex business environments, along with operations and supply chain management ideas and technologies.

15 Points

Making Evidence-based Decisions under Uncertainty - Level 9

Develops highly specialised knowledge about decision making within organisations. Requires the critical synthesis and appraisal of different types of expertise and evidence in informing management practice.

Prerequisite: 90 points from BUSMBA 701-753

30 Points

Managing Entrepreneurial Growth Project - Level 9

Provides a practical opportunity for participants to work with a New Zealand or international business in an advisory capacity to develop strategic recommendations for growth locally and internationally. Develops a hands-on multi-disciplinary approach to recognising, assessing, and marketing entrepreneurial opportunities for new products and services. An overseas fieldtrip is required to complete the course.

Prerequisite: BUSMBA 760 and 90 points from BUSMBA 701-753