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Courses - Faculty of Arts


Stage I

15 Points

Digital Humanities: From Text to txt

An interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to the Humanities using digital tools and resources. Students will study the approaches, texts and digital technologies of disciplines in the Humanities such as Art History, English, History, Philosophy, and Theological and Religious Studies. Students will expand their knowledge of the Humanities, extend their digital literacy and build critical and creative thinking skills.

Restriction: ARTSGEN 100G

HUMS 101
15 Points

Europe: Medieval to Modern

A thematic and chronological survey of major developments in European history and visual culture since the early Middle Ages. The course is designed to provide a solid foundation for subsequent study in European history, art history and culture as well as an introduction to the nature of scholarly research and writing in the Humanities.

Restriction: ARTHIST 106, 107, HISTORY 106

Stage III

HUMS 300
15 Points

Critiquing the Museum

An introduction to the history and theory of museums, and to institutional collecting and the interpretation of culture. Focuses on the role of museums in colonisation and nation building, involvement in globalising processes as well as the opportunities museums offer for social advocacy.

Prerequisite: 15 points in BA courses