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Courses - Faculty of Arts


Stage I

15 Points

15 Points

Crafting your Career

What is employability? The world of work is changing rapidly. Crafting your Career uses project-based, collaborative, problem-solving exercises to assist students in readying themselves for life after the degree. The course aims to build students’ work-readiness by enhancing their understanding of a variety of workplaces, while developing the skills employers regard as essential to career success.

Prerequisite: 60 points passed

Restriction: ARTSGEN 102, POPLHLTH 300, 302

15 Points

Understanding Your Workplace

Enables students to build on existing paid work or voluntary service external to their University studies while learning about the dynamics of cultures within professional or organisational settings. Students will research how their target organisation functions, will consider other forms of workplace environment and will demonstrate how their own activities contribute to personal and professional development.

Prerequisite: 60 points passed

Restriction: CAREER 200

Stage III

15 Points


Enables students to gain workplace experience and to develop new skills, contacts and networks in a setting relevant to personal career interests. Students will undertake an internship project at a business or community enterprise. Academic content will include preparation before, and self-reflection and reporting after the placement. Consideration will be given to overseas as well as locally-based opportunities.

Prerequisite: 60 points passed at Stage II with a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher and Dean or nominee approval

Restriction: ARTSGEN 301, COMMS 307