Other University Courses

New Start for Adults

New Start provides part-time University preparation and bridging courses for adults over the age of 20 who need to gain skills and confidence to undertake University study. No previous qualifications are required. Students who complete New Start must also complete the University of Auckland Academic Integrity ACADINT A01 course.

Students gain information on the structure of university degrees, and an insight into the standard of work expected. Educational guidance is an integral part of New Start and students are offered assistance in planning their ongoing programmes.

New Start General NSGEN 47

New Start General introduces students to many lecture topics in humanities, social sciences, education and law and offers tutorials, assignments with written feedback and a final test.

This is a 13-week part-time, day or evening course providing a comprehensive overview of first-year degree study. Coursework is set and graded. This course is compulsory.

Depending on the final grade achieved in this course students may apply for admission into an undergraduate degree in the faculties of Arts, Education and Social Work and Law.

New Start General is offered at three campuses throughout the year: University of Auckland City Campus (Semester One and Semester Two), South Auckland (Semester One and Semester Two) and Tai Tokerau in Whangarei (Summer School and Semester Two).

New Start Mathematics

Two mathematics options are taught at the University of Auckland City Campus: Mathematics Fundamentals and Mathematics Preparation for University. Mathematics Preparation for University is designed to be taken with New Start General as a pathway to Business School. Students intending to enrol in these courses must first sit a maths assessment. Results will be used to recommend the best pathway for students.

Mathematics Fundamentals NSMAT 10

Mathematics Fundamentals is designed to build students’ skills and confidence. It is a short intensive course taught over four consecutive Saturdays in a workshop environment. Most of the time students will be working together collaboratively, either as a class or in groups, but sometimes there will be lectures. The course includes workshops, lectures, assignments and a final test.

This course is offered in Summer School and in the mid-semester break.

Students are advised to enrol in this course before the start of semester to prepare for the Mathematics Preparation for University course.

Mathematics Preparation for University NSMAT 14

A variety of topics of everyday interest is explored with the aim of clarifying the underlying mathematics and statistics. The course includes workshops, lectures, assignments and a final test.

This is a 12-week part-time, evening course which is offered in Semester One and Semester Two and which is compulsory, together with New Start General NSGEN 47, for students planning to undertake an undergraduate degree in Commerce or Property at the University’s Business School.

A grade of A– or above achieved in both Mathematics Preparation for University NSMAT 14 and New Start General NSGEN 47 entitles students to apply for admission into the degrees of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Property.

Further Information
Further information can be obtained from the New Start Office, Building 206, 14-16 Symonds Street, Auckland.
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext. 87832 or 82920
Email: newstart@auckland.ac.nz
Website: www.auckland.ac.nz/newstart