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Health Informatics

Postgraduate 700 Level Courses

15 Points

Special Study in Health Informatics 1

15 Points

Health Knowledge Management

The objective of this course is to develop an ability to analyse the role and dynamics of knowledge in the working environment in the health sector, and to develop aspects of knowledge infrastructure.

Restriction: POPLHLTH 723

15 Points

The New Zealand Health Data Landscape

An overview of key issues to support the appropriate and effective use of large volumes of routinely collected data to drive improvements in the delivery of health care. Ethical and equitable use of health data, critical evaluation of health data, identification of analytic methods and appropriate interpretation to support health care decision-making are discussed. Specific datasets are not analysed.

15 Points

Principles of Health Informatics

The study of information technology and information management concepts relevant to the delivery of high quality and cost-effective healthcare. Theoretical frameworks such as data management, decision support, strategic planning and implementation, change management, knowledge management and privacy and other ethical aspects of health informatics are included.

Restriction: POPLHLTH 728

15 Points

Healthcare Decision Support Systems

Familiarises students with the main developments of decision support systems in healthcare. The theoretical concepts and the technology including data mining, clinical decision support systems, diagnostic systems and decision support in managed care are outlined. Ethical issues are also addressed.

Restriction: POPLHLTH 730