Courses - Faculty of Creative Arts And Industries

Architectural Technology

Stage I

15 Points

Architecture and Sustainability

People and internal and external environments through history; climate and microclimate; resources; materials, production, properties and environmental impact; comfort – psychology and measurement (thermal, lighting, sound); the sustainable house in New Zealand; architecture, techniques and systems; building and lifestyle, and measurement techniques.

Restriction: ARCHTECH 102, 103

10 Points

Design Technology I

Structural concepts and construction principles relating to light timber, steel, concrete and other typical construction materials for domestic scale buildings. In depth investigations of structural systems, building envelopes and detailing. Application of principles to design studio projects.

Restriction: ARCHTECH 100, 104, 105

Stage II

15 Points

Design Technology II

Development of structural and construction principles and systems. Outline of forces acting in buildings. Characteristics and behaviour of common building materials. Standard details in residential housing. Outline of building codes, health and safety regulations and site operations. Active and passive building services and technology including heating, cooling, ventilation, water, waste, electrical services and vertical transportation. Application to design studio projects.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 107, or 104 and 105

15 Points

Environmental Design I

Climate, energy and sustainability considerations in buildings. Solar analysis and design tools. Thermal performance, ventilation and condensation. Visual performance and visual comfort. Interaction of light with materials and daylight performance of buildings. Natural and artificial lighting design. Behaviour of sound and its control by materials and building systems. Measuring sound, and acceptability criteria. Requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 102 and 103 or 106

Stage III

10 Points

Environmental Design II

Heat and the thermal environment. Light and the luminous environment. Sound and the sonic environment. Energy and resources. Integrating environmental design and performance. Relevant physical principles reviewed with application and integration of the four topic areas and their relationship to human comfort. Simulation tools, measurements and techniques. Quantitative and qualitative approach to sustainable practices.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 208

Restriction: ARCHTECH 308, 309, 318, 319

10 Points

Design Technology III

Development of construction and structural principles for complex, large scale and multi-storey buildings. Investigation into advanced structural systems, façade technology, material selection and detailing. Introduction of factors affecting buildability and environmental performance. Fire protection and building code requirements. Application to design studio projects.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 207

Restriction: ARCHTECH 311, 475

10 Points

Directed Study

A topic approved by the Head of School of Architecture and Planning.

Prerequisite: ARCHTECH 307 and 312 or Departmental approval