Courses - Faculty of Arts

Social Science Research Methods

Stage II

15 Points

Mixing and Matching Methods

Explores methods and methodologies from both qualitative and quantitative traditions (interviewing, participant observation, forms of textual analysis, genre studies; as well as, surveys, content analysis, material trace analysis, statistical approaches. Focuses also on approaches to research that combine qualitative quantitative methods.

Prerequisite: SOCSCRES 100 or 60 points passed

Restriction: SOCIOL 201

Stage III

15 Points

Working with Numerical Data

Intensively studies collection, access and analysis of statistical data. The course will extend competencies in the use of statistical analysis, as well as examining digital and technologically-mediated environments that produce big data. A key focus will be in the transformation of data generated and collected by a range of public and private stakeholders to material amenable for contemporary social science research.

Prerequisite: SOCSCRES 200 or 30 points at Stage II from BA courses

Restriction: ANTHRO 309

15 Points

Skills in Qualitative Research

Intensively studies the methods and methodologies of qualitative research (e.g., indigenous, Pacific, feminist), as well as current debates. Examines issues raised when studying people, communities and cultures, and considers archival, digital and other innovations in collecting and representing data. It explores a wide range of methods used to collect and analyse qualitative data, for example, interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and thematic analysis.

Prerequisite: SOCSCRES 200 or 30 points at Stage II from BA courses