Courses - Faculty of Arts

Social Science for Public Health

Stage II

15 Points

Social Science for Health

Explores diversity in health knowledges, offers an overview of current health trends and systems with special focus on New Zealand and the Pacific, examines the contributions of social science disciplines to analysis of health including key theoretical approaches, and applies interdisciplinary analytical models to health.

Prerequisite: 30 points at Stage I in Health Social Sciences or Social Science for Public Health, or 60 points passed

Stage III

15 Points

Current Debates in Health and Health Policy

Examines the recent histories of central intellectual debates in health and health policy and their relevance for and in the New Zealand and Pacific contexts. These may consist of the following: the 'medicalisation' of social issues, the 'socialisation' of medical issues, cross-national health policy analysis, the rationing of health resources (global and local perspectives), defining and measuring health outcomes (accountability and responsibility in health service delivery), health service management (medics or managers).

Prerequisite: SOCSCIPH 200