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Dates given are those of taking up employment. Where degrees and diplomas are shown without the name of the awarding university, the university is Auckland. ◊ Denotes a part-time, permanent appointment.

Faculty Management Team


Gregory Whittred, BCom(Hons) Qld, MEc Syd., PhD NSW, FCA FCPA

Deputy Dean

Jilnaught Wong, MCom PhD, FCA, FCPA

Associate Dean (Academic Programmes and International)

Susan S. Laurenson, MCom MA

Associate Dean (Postgraduate)

Basil M. H. Sharp, BAgCom Cant., MS PhD Wis., DipAgr DipVFM Lincoln(NZ)

Associate Dean (Research)

Peter F. Boxall, PhD Monash, MCom, FHRINZ

Associate Dean (Māori and Pacific Development)

Manuka A. Henare, BA(Hons) PhD Well.

Director of First Year Studies

Douglas G. Carrie, BCom Br.Col., MBA Thunderbird, PhD Lond.

Director of Teaching and Learning

Susan Geertshuis, BA(Hons) Wales, PhD Nott., CPsych, AFBPS

Director of Faculty Operations

Steven McLean, MBA Henley, CA


Research Units, Centres and Institutes

New Zealand Asia Institute



Fellow and Emeritus Professor

Peter Nicholas Tarling, MNZM, MA PhD LittD Camb., HonLittD, FRAS FRHistS

Research Fellow

Glenn Simmons, MBA PhD

Research Fellow and Programme Officer

2002 Xin Chen, MA Peking, MA PhD Hawaii

Director, China Studies Centre

David J. Robb, MBA PhD Calg., BE

Director, Japan Studies Centre

Mark Mullins, BA Alabama, MCS Regent, PhD McM.

Director, Korea Studies Centre

Richard T. Phillips, MA PhD Camb.

Director, Southeast Asian Studies Centre

Natasha Hamilton-Hart, BA(Hons) Otago, MA PhD Cornell


Schools and Departments

Accounting and Finance

Head of Department

Norman Wong, MCom PhD, CA

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.

Professors of Accounting

2004 Steven Cahan, BA Vanderbilt, MBA Kansas, PhD Colorado, FCA

1975 David M. Emanuel, MCom PhD, FCA

1989 Barry H. Spicer, BCom(Hons) Qld., PhD Wash.

1992 Jilnaught Wong, MCom PhD, FCA FCPA

1992 Norman Wong, MCom PhD, CA

Professor of Auditing

2000 David Hay, BCom Otago, MCM Lincoln(NZ), PhD, FCA

Research Professor of Accounting

2006 W. Robert Knechel, BS Delaware, PhD N.Carolina

Professors of Finance

2008 Henk Berkman, MEcon PhD Rotterdam

2010 Dimitri Margaritis, MA PhD SUNY (Buffalo)

Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions

2010 David Mayes, MA Oxf., PhD Brist.

Professor of Management and Accounting

1987 A. P. B. Rouse, MCom PhD, CA

Associate Professor

1991 Alastair D. E. Marsden, MCom PhD

Senior Lecturers

2005 Davood Askarany, MA PhD S.Aust., CPA

2008 Julie Harrison, MCom MTaxS PhD, CA

2009 Charlene Lee, MS Nat. Chengchi, PhD Nat. Taiwan

2009 John Lee, MCom PhD Wash.

1996 Robert L. Wilton, BCom NSW, MCom, ACA


2012 Sharlene Biswas, BCom(Hons) GradDipCom PhD

2012 Chen Chen, BA NSYSU, PhD HK

2012 Lily Chen, BCom(Hons) PhD

2014 Paul Geertsema, BAcc BSc MBA MMgt PhD, CA

2001 Angela Liew, BSc MCom PGDipCom, CPA

2014 Helen Lu, BEng MEcon MBA PhD

2013 Fred Ng, BCom(Hons)

2011 Winnie O'Grady, BCom BEd Nfld., MBS DipBusAdmin Massey, PhD

Professional Teaching Fellow

2012 Graeme Treasure, MCom

Senior Tutors

2002 Deborah Alexander, BCom(Hons) GradDipCom Natal, MCom

2002 Caroline Bridges, BSc Leic., MCom PGDipCom, CA

2002 Christine Clarke, BCom, CA

2001 Glenn Rechtschaffen, BBA Texas, MA Virginia Tech., JD UCLA, CPA


2010 David Lau, BCom(Hons)

2010 Terry Li, MCom

2008 Willow Li, BCom(Hons)

2013 Susan Loh, BCom(Hons)

2008 Yen Hung Shih, BCom(Hons)

2014 Sione Taufa, MCom

2008 Brianna Wang, BCom(Hons)

2010 Karis Wang, BCom(Hons) MCom

Commercial Law

Head of Department

Christopher Noonan, LLB PhD

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.

Professor of Commercial Law

1991 Michael Gedye, BCom LLB MComLaw

Professor of Taxation Law and Policy

2008 Craig Elliffe, BCom LLB(Hons) Otago, LLM Camb.

Professor of Corporate Governance

2008 John Farrar, LLB(Hons) LLM LLD Lond., PhD Brist.

Associate Professors

1991 Gehan Gunasekara, BA LLB Well., LLM

1996 Owen J. Morgan, BEdStud Qld., BA LLB(Hons) MJur DipTchg SJD Melb.

1990 Christopher Nicoll, LLB(Hons)

1999 Christopher Noonan, LLB PhD

2000 Alexandra Sims, LLB Otago, MComLaw

Senior Lecturers

2010 Robert Batty, BA LLM

2003 Michael Josling, BCom LLB MComLaw

1995 Mark R. Keating, LLM Cornell, LLB MTaxS

2005 John Ren, LLB(Hons) PhD Syd.

2013 Mark Bowler-Smith, LLB(Hons) Exe., LLM Lond., PhD Camb.


2014 Benjamin Liu, LLB(Hons)

Professional Teaching Fellows

2011 Barnard Hutchinson, BCom LLB(Hons) MTaxS

2003 Leigh Miller, BA LLM MPhil

Senior Tutors

1995 Philip Cook, BA LLB MPhil

2000 Audrey Sharp, MA MTaxS


2013 Nadia Dabee, BEng NU Singapore, LLB(Hons) Lond., LLM

Honorary Professor

Rob Merkin, LLB Wales, LLM Lond.


Head of Department

Ananish Chaudhuri, BSc(Hons) Calc., MA J. Nehru U., MA PhD Rutgers

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.

Deputy Head of Department

Erwann Sbai, BSc(Hons) Marne-la-Vallee, MEcon PhD Toulouse

Distinguished Professor

1992 Peter C. B. Phillips, HonMA Yale, HonD York(UK), PhD Lond., MA, FRSNZ FBA

Energy Education Trust Professor of Energy and Resource Economics

1990 Basil M. H. Sharp, BAgCom Cant., MS PhD Wis., DipAgr DipVFM Lincoln(NZ)

Professor of Experimental Economics

2003 Ananish Chaudhuri, BSc(Hons) Calc., MA J. Nehru U., MA PhD Rutgers

Professor of Macroeconomics

2011 Prasanna Gai, BEcon(Hons) ANU, MPhil DPhil Oxf.


1983 Anthony M. Endres, MSocSc Waik., PhD W'gong.

1992 Tim Hazledine, MA Cant., Otago, PhD Warw.

2005 John C. Panzar, BA Car., AM PhD Stan.

Adjunct Professor

2012 Arthur Grimes, BSocSc(Hons) Waik., MSc PhD Lond.

Associate Professors

1997 John Hillas, BA BEcon(Hons) Qld., PhD Stan.

1979 Robert Scollay, MA Camb., Well., BCom PhD

1981 Susan M. St John, QSO, BSc MA PhD

Senior Lecturers

1993 Debasis Bandyopadhyay, BSc(Hons) Calc., MA Flor., PhD Minn.

2014 Martin Berka, Bc Comenius, MA Central European, PhD Br.Col.

2010 Zhijun Chen, MA PhD Wuhan, PhD Toulouse

2014 Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, BA BCom(Hons)PhD

2014 Steffen Lippert, Dipl.-Volkswirt Mannheim, PhD Toulouse, Mannheim

1986 Alan J. Rogers, AM PhD Prin., MA

2004 Erwann Sbai, BSc(Hons) Marne-la-Vallee MEcon PhD Toulouse

2010 Jennifer L. Steele, BCom Br.Col., MS PhD Texas-Austin


2011 Daryna Grechyna, BA Dnipropetrovsk, MA Kyiv-Mohyla Acad., MA PhD Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

2005 Stephen J. Poletti, MSc ANU, PhD Newcastle(UK), BSc(Hons) MCom PhD

Senior Tutors

1991 Michael D. G. Anstis, BA

2009 Gamini Jayasuriya, BA Ceyl., MSocSc Birm.


2010 Annette J. Lazonby, BHSc MCom

Honorary Professors

Reiko Aoki, BS Tokyo, MA Tsukuba, MS PhD Stan.

Bryce Hool, BSc(Hons) MCom Cant., PhD UC Berk.

Graduate School of Management


Jilnaught Wong, MCom PhD, FCA, FCPA

Director of MBA and Executive Education

Ivan Moss, BA Oxf., CPFA(UK)

Director of GSM Masters

Susan S. Laurenson, MCom MA

Fletcher Building Education Trust Professor of Leadership

2014 Kevin Lowe, BS Louisville, MBA Stetson, PhD Flor.Int.

Matthew Abel Professor of Macroeconomics

2012 Robert MacCulloch, BSc MCom, MPhil DPhil Oxf.

Professor of Connectivity

1992 Darl G. Kolb, MA Colorado, PhD Cornell

Professor of Economics

1984 Sholeh A. Maani, BSc(Hons) MS PhD Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

Professor of Lifelong Learning

2002 Susan Geertshuis, BA(Hons) Wales, PhD Nott., CPsych, AFBPS

Professor of Markets and Strategy

2011 Kaj Storbacka, MSc Helsinki, MSc Aalto, PhD Helsinki

Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

1994 David Robb, MBA PhD Calg., BE

Adjunct Professors of Management

2014 Chris Johnson, BA(Hons) Liv.

2014 Jonathan Mason, BA Beloit, MA MBA Yale

Associate Professor

2013 Suvi Nenonen, MSc PhD Helsinki

Adjunct Associate Professor

1995 Daniel Vidal, MBA MBE PGDipArts, CMC, FStratPS

Senior Lecturer

2014 Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, MCom, PhD Warw.


2013 Dynah A. Basuil, BSc Philippines, MBA Texas, MSc Oklahoma, PhD Texas

2014 Benjamin P. Fath, Dipl.-Kfm. Giessen, PhD

2014 Antje Fiedler, Dipl.-Kffr. Giessen, PhD

2013 Diandian Ma, BA Xiamen, MSc Lough. PhD Well.

2013 Thomas Scott, BCom MBus Otago, PhD Technol.Syd.

2014 Annie C. Zhang, BBS Massey

Professional Teaching Fellows

2013 Hanoku Bathula, BA Nagar., MA MPhil Madr., MBus Massey, PhD Auck.UT

2014 Xingang Wang, BMS Waik., MCom

Information Systems and Operations Management

Head of Department

Michael D. Myers, MA PhD

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.

Ports of Auckland Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2010 Tava M. L. Olsen, MS PhD Stan., BSc(Hons)


1989 Michael D. Myers, MA PhD

1992 Ananth Srinivasan, BEng Madr., MBA Illinois State, PhD Pitt.

Emeritus Professor

Justo A. Diaz, BSc Ott., PhD UC Berk.

Adjunct Professor

1991 Brent Gallupe, BMath Wat., MBA Tor., PhD Minn., ISP, CMA, FLMI

Associate Professors

2001 Tiru Arthanari, MStat PhD DipOR I.Stat.I.

2004 Fernando Beltran, BE Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), MS PhD SUNY, Stony Brook

2010 Cecil E. H. Chua, BBA Miami, MB Nanyang Technol., PhD Georgia State

1986 Lech J. Janczewski, MASc Tor., MEng DEng Warsaw

1995 Donald Sheridan, BA MEd Sask., PhD Alta.

1996 David M. Sundaram, BE PGDipIE Madr., PhD

2010 Arvind K. Tripathi, BE Alld., MTech IIT Kanpur, PhD Conn.

Senior Lecturer

1996 Lesley A. Gardner, MSc PhD LSE


2010 Valery Pavlov, MS Moscow Inst. Physics Technol., PhD Penn. State

1999 K. Dharini Amitha Peiris, BSc(Hons) Sur., MPhil PhD

1998 Gabrielle Peko, MCom

1989 David White, BE(Hons) Cant.

Professional Teaching Fellows

2002 Andrew Eberhard, BCom DipCom PGDipCom

2002 Anson Kin Tat Li, MCom PhD

1999 Leith Oliver, MBA MPhil PhD

2001 Koro Tawa, MCom

Senior Tutors

2001 Johnny Chan, BCom(Hons) BSc

2004 Ursula Dantin, BCom(Hons)

2001 Josephine Lee, BSc NSW, MCom PGDipCom


2013 Khushbu Tilvawala, MCom

2013 Ronald Tiong, BCom BSc

Management and International Business

Head of Department

Nigel A. F. Haworth BA BPhil PhD Liv.

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.


1987 Peter F. Boxall, PhD Monash, MCom, FHRINZ

1988 Nigel A. F. Haworth BA BPhil PhD Liv.

2005 Kenneth Husted, MSc PhD Copenhagen Bus. Sch.

2005 Snejina Michailova, MSc Univ. National World Economy, Sofia, PhD Copenhagen Bus. Sch.

2013 Rod McNaughton, BA W.Laur., MA PhD W.Ont., PhD Lanc.

Adjunct Professor

2010 Lester Levy, MBBCh Witw., MBA

Associate Professors

2000 Brigid J. Carroll, MBA Fordham, MA PhD

1999 Liliana Erakovic, MSc Zagreb, PhD

2011 Natasha Hamilton-Hart, BA(Hons) Otago, MA PhD Cornell

1996 Manuka A. Henare, BA PhD Well.

2000 Christine R. Woods, MA PhD

Senior Lecturers

1994 Maureen Benson-Rea, BA(Hons) Lanc., MBA Brun., PhD

2007 Carla Houkaumau, BA(Hons) PhD

1996 Ross A. McDonald, BSc Stir., MA PhD Nebraska

2007 Barbara Plester, MBS PhD DipTchg Massey

1999 Deborah M. Shepherd, BA Otago, MA PhD

1998 Christina Stringer, MSc Brigham Young, PhD

2000 Rachel M. Wolfgramm, MCom PhD

2008 Peter Zamborsky, MA Comenius, MSc LSE, PhD Brandeis


2010 Thomas M. Bohne, MPhil PhD Camb.

1992 Brent Burmester, MCom LLB PhD

2002 Lisa Callagher, MCom PhD

2010 Ann Hutchison, BA(Hons) Durh., PhD

2012 Helen Nicholson, MCom PhD

2012 Frank Siedlok, MA CUE; Durh., PhD Strath.

2006 Peter Smith, MBA PhD

2011 Chellie Spiller, MA Well., PhD

Professional Teaching Fellows

2012 Michelle Kilkolly-Proffit, MCom

2013 Parizad Mulla, MCom

2014 Andrew Patterson, MCom Otago

Senior Tutor

2007 Daniel Tisch, BSc Br.Col., MBA S.Aust.


Head of Department

Margo Buchanan-Oliver, MA PhD

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.


1988 Roderick J. Brodie, BSc PhD Cant., MA Otago

1995 Margo Buchanan-Oliver, MA PhD

1993 Peter J. Danaher, MS Purdue, PhD Flor. State, BSc(Hons)

Associate Professors

1988 Richard Brookes, BCA Well., MSc Lond.

2001 Karen Fernandez, BCom Melb., MBA Pittsburg State, PhD Kansas

Senior Lecturers

2000 Tom Agee, BA Virginia, MPhil

1995 Douglas G. Carrie, BCom Br.Col., MBA Thunderbird, PhD Lond.

1999 Denise Conroy, MSc PhD

2010 Catherine Frethey-Bentham, MCom PhD

2001 Biljana Juric, MS Northwestern, MS PhD Sarajevo

2011 Bodo Lang, MCom PhD Otago

2006 Michael S. W. Lee, MSc PhD

2006 Laszlo Sajtos, MSc Econ. Sci. Budapest, PhD Corvinus

1995 Richard Starr, BA Roch., MBA Columbia, PhD

2010 Charlotta Windahl, MSc KTH Stockholm, PhD Linkoping


2008 Sandra Bennett, BA(Hons) MA PhD

2012 Sang-uk Jung, BBA Seoul, MA Columbia, PhD Iowa

Professional Teaching Fellows

2012 Margot Bowker, BA MCom

2011 Herbert Sima, BCom(Hons) MCom Massey


Head of Department

Deborah S. Levy, BLE Aberd., MPA PhD, FRICS FPINZ

Group Services Manager

Heather Armstrong, BCom BMus Cant.


1992 Laurence Murphy, BA PhD Dublin, FRICS FRGS

Associate Professor

1986 Deborah S. Levy, BLE Aberd., MPA PhD, FRICS FPINZ

Senior Lecturers

2008 Zhi Dong, BE Tongji, MSc PhD NU Singapore

◊2010 Edward K. Douglas, BSc NZ, MSc Well.

2005 Olga Filippova, BArch Kazakh State Acad. Arch. Construction, MS PhD Texas A&M

2005 Michael J. Rehm, BArch Houston, MS PhD Texas A&M

2006 James Young, BA(Hons) Arkansas, MBA Michigan State


Source: The University of Auckland 2015 Online Calendar
Last updated on: 1 November 2014
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