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The Course Prescriptions contain approved University of Auckland courses. Numbers in the right-hand column refer to page numbers in the print version of the Calendar.

Course Prescriptions

Before selecting courses from this Calendar, students and potential students are advised to ascertain which courses are expected to be offered in this Academic Year and in which semester they are scheduled by referring to the Class Search on Student Services Online, or by contacting the Student Information Centre in the ClockTower or relevant faculty student centre.

Where courses in the following Course Prescriptions are listed with an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ option, this means that, if they are offered, they will be taught over two semesters and students must enrol in both Part A and Part B in order to complete and, where successful, be credited with the course. Courses with no ‘A’ or ‘B’ designation are taught over one semester

The Prescriptions are listed by faculty, in alpha-numeric order by subject title and should be read in conjunction with the relevant regulations.


excel  Download 2015 Course Availability (568KB EXCEL, Updated: 26 June 2015)

This report is updated three times per year - at the end of February, June and November - and is accurate on the day it was updated. Course availability is however subject to changes, particularly at the beginning of each semester. If you require more up to date information on course availability please email Timetable Services at

Source: The University of Auckland 2015 Online Calendar
Last updated on: 1 November 2014
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